Tech Support

An important element of IT is making sure it’s running smoothly. Because, when something goes wrong, everything grinds to a halt.  Unless you have a background in IT, Information Technology probably isn’t a core competency for you. As a business owner, you want your time and energy focused on the pressing challenges and opportunities of growing your business, not trying to figure out why, when, where, or how much to invest in technical infrastructure.

Managed Services

The key to running an efficient network of computers is to ensure they are well maintained and secure. When you sign up with our monthly managed services, we will monitor your network to prevent network downtime and unexpected hardware cost.
Here are a few benefits to our Managed Services:

  • Discounted Hourly Rates on Service Calls
  • Network protection against malware and viruses
  • Daily firewall monitoring
  • Daily data monitoring
  • Daily hardware monitoring
  • Network stability
  • Monthly system reports
  • Remote assistance
  • Remote updates and patches
  • Creation and enforcement of user policies


Our team is here to help! We will first attempt to provide support online from our tech desk. IF the issue cannot be resolved online, a member of our team will go to your location to get your system up and running again.

Custom Computer Upgrades and Repairs

If you know your computer isn’t performing up to par, we can replace, repair or upgrade it. A simple upgrade may be enough to get your computer back up to speed in no time. If you prefer to upgrade your computer instead, we are able to build a computer tailored to your needs. At OC Tech Desk we upgrade existing PCs, replace damaged internal components, install computer peripherals and new devices both internal and external.

Author: David Nguyen

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